VELOCITY CHROME is the next-generation of UV-curable reflective coatings. Designed for high-speed, high-volume automated production environments, Velocity Chrome offers a perfect, mirror-reflective finish with incredible adhesion, flexibility, and durability that is unsurpassed.

Combining the pioneering silver nitrate chemistry of Spectra Chrome with newly-engineered UV-curable paints, the entire Velocity Chrome process is completed within a few short minutes, as opposed to hours or days with conventional paint technology. Variations of this coating system are suitable for virtually any substrate – including plastics, ceramic, glass, and metal.

Exclusive finish for

NCAA Football Helmets

Our advanced UV-curable coatings have been successfully used on football helmet finishes for many NCAA teams, including The University of Notre Dame.

  • Highly reflective, impact resistant finish in multiple shades of spray-on chrome.
  • Multiple surface options, including Notre Dame’s “elevated” clear coat.
  • Battle-proven durability in the test lab – AND on the football field!

Bend, Don’t Break!

Velocity Chrome was launched in 2016 to find a solution for applying a metal finish to plastic hinged closures for a cosmetic product. Key client requirements included:

  • Flexibility and adhesion of the coating on the hinge, without flaking.
  • Coating durability that withstands high-speed capping and filling.
  • Meets or exceeds strict testing requirements for moisture and humidity resistance.
  • Parts must be produced at a rate of two per second, to meet customer demand.

Success could only be accomplished using Velocity Chrome’s UV-curable coating technology!

High Speed, High Volume,
High Quality!

A beverage client required an improvement to its existing metallized closures. Quality requirements that Velocity Chrome solved:

  • Consistent and uniform deep copper color.
  • Passed freezer test without coating adhesion loss.
  • Increased durability to withstand bowl-feeding and high-speed capping.
  • Coating that will not flake when tamper-evident ring is separated from upper screw portion of cap.
  • Environmentally friendly – low or zero VOC coatings for compliant US manufacturing.

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