High Frequency Pulse Plating (HFP)

High Frequency

Pulse Plating (HFP)

Gold Effects Exclusive!

High performance electronics demanded by industry professionals worldwide. Our exclusive High Frequency Pulse Plating (HFP) technology is standard in all Deluxe Plater and Smart Plater electronics. This advanced power system ensures the most durable, brilliant gold finish possible.

HFP technology’s repeated “pulses” of higher current density produces a gold finish with superior quality.

The Industry’s Most
Advanced Power System

Extensive laboratory testing has proven that gold deposited using High Frequency Pulse Plating is superior to gold deposited by conventional DC-power sources.

In pulse plating, a higher current density is used for a short time or “pulse”. This repeated process improves the quality of the plating coating, increases penetrating power, provides better uniformity of the surface, and significantly reduces the plating time.

The decrease in grain size of the pulse plated deposit also results in decreased porosity of the finish, and increased coverage of the same amount of gold; reducing the overall cost of depositing gold.